1014 form guide for RWC part 1 – New Zealand & England

The 1014 boys are back, probably the most impartial analysis around.

This ten minute video covers form going into Japan plus a look at basic attacking structures. Historically all winners come into the World Cup with a minimum win ratio of 61% in the 18 months prior. NZ despite some shaky form are well above and tracking at a very similar rate to ’11 & ’15 which is ominous. England are thereabouts.

Interesting stats on metres carried per game by forwards, backs and bench. England have by far the most impressive stats in the forwards even allowing for Vunipola’s the rest have contributed significantly too. This sheds some light on the omission of Ben Franks from the NZ squad but also adds more (for me anyway!) frustration that Cole is the second TH in Jone’s squad.

A stat for the BKB fan club. The 1014 boys suggest that BY’s box kicking is even more important for England than Murray’s is for Ireland 😀


Author: Slamma47

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