2003 vs 2019 – What’s you combined “best” team?

Put aside the “it’s a different game these days” thoughts. Head to Head, who would you pick?

15. Lewsey vs Daly – Lewsey, the fella was hard running with a ferocious tackle and ko’d Cipriani.
14. Robinson vs Watson – really tough, would’ve gone for Robinson but Watson’s defence wins it for me.
13. Greenwood v Tuilagi – Tuilagi, just and only just
12. Tindall v Fazza – Fazza, man’s a monster!
11. Cohen v May – easy one, May. Always thought Cohen was over-rated
10. Wilko v Ford – easy, Wilko. Hard on Ford but Wilko was England’s best ever
9. Dawson v BKB – Dawson but only just
8. Dayglo v Billy – Dayglo for me, Billy still owes a big game
7. Back v Undercurry – bottle out, can’t call this one
6. Hill v Undecurry – bottle out 2.0 – the Undercurry combo has been sensational, Hilly was epic
5. Kay v Lawes – Lawes, Kay nearly cost us the final
4. Johnno v Maro – want to say Johnno but bottle out 3.0, Maro’s that good!
3. Vickery v Sinckler – Sinckler offers more than even the Raging Bull
2. Thompson v George – close but George edges it
1. Woodman v Mako – Mako can’t be dropped from any England team, hard on Woodman but is what it is

Your thoughts???