2003 vs 2019 – What’s you combined “best” team?

Put aside the “it’s a different game these days” thoughts. Head to Head, who would you pick?

15. Lewsey vs Daly – Lewsey, the fella was hard running with a ferocious tackle and ko’d Cipriani.
14. Robinson vs Watson – really tough, would’ve gone for Robinson but Watson’s defence wins it for me.
13. Greenwood v Tuilagi – Tuilagi, just and only just
12. Tindall v Fazza – Fazza, man’s a monster!
11. Cohen v May – easy one, May. Always thought Cohen was over-rated
10. Wilko v Ford – easy, Wilko. Hard on Ford but Wilko was England’s best ever
9. Dawson v BKB – Dawson but only just
8. Dayglo v Billy – Dayglo for me, Billy still owes a big game
7. Back v Undercurry – bottle out, can’t call this one
6. Hill v Undecurry – bottle out 2.0 – the Undercurry combo has been sensational, Hilly was epic
5. Kay v Lawes – Lawes, Kay nearly cost us the final
4. Johnno v Maro – want to say Johnno but bottle out 3.0, Maro’s that good!
3. Vickery v Sinckler – Sinckler offers more than even the Raging Bull
2. Thompson v George – close but George edges it
1. Woodman v Mako – Mako can’t be dropped from any England team, hard on Woodman but is what it is

Your thoughts???

Thursday before the final all about team selection. I see England have an unchanged 15 with the only change on the bench Spencer coming in Rugby World Cup final: England name team to face South Africa – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/50232791

D & T Challenge Cup – Round 2

It’s Round 2 of the Premiership and the big story of the weekend is the Mighty Bath toppling the Exeter Chiefs for the first time in 3 years to move off bottom and beginning the move to top! The league continues to be dominated by the absence of England internationals so don’t take too much comfort those taking an early league in our table!

Our current leaders are B2P and JDKiwi!


1 B2P 2.33
2 JD Kiwi 2.33
3 Firepies 2.50
4 Dalton Lad 2.50
5 Global Fan 2.50
6 Slamma 2.50
7 George 2.67
8 Sarries Fez 2.67
9 Tomski 2.67
10 Novo 2.67
11 D Hanley 2.67
12 Bris 2.83
13 Hugh 2.83
14 Tanker 2.83
15 Grump 2.83
16 Exlock 2.83
17 Bigger Picture 2.83
18 Bart 3.00
19 Mani 3.17
20 Anonymouse 3.17
21 GEPC 3.17
22 Monty 3.33
23 Adrian 3.33
24 Mr Wu 3.67
25 Fredster 3.67
26 6mph 3.67
27 Coshie 3.67
28 Gladders 3.83
29 Travel Exec 3.83
30 CMJS 4.50

Average 3.03

RWC Final Week – Monday

Still cannot quite believe what happened on Saturday morning.
The reaction since from the ABs has been classy and full respect to them for that.
The only salty Kiwi is Gatland, it would appear. Whilst I understand his frustration, he has had an injury dogged run up and tournament, I still think it’s petty and he filled deserved Eddie’s retort, ‘Give my regards to Warren, tell him to enjoy the 3rd/4th play off”.

Ben Spencer has arrived, about 4 weeks too late for some of us, but what a whirlwind experience this will be for him!

He knows the systems, lineout calls etc and he’s been around in enough camps to be able to slot in. He has 5 days to get over the jet lag, not long but adrenaline will see him right.

It would appear Heinz is the only concern, if Eddie is to be believed. He says May is in better shape than before the last game and they’ve had to slow him down in the walk throughs. A couple have knocks but nothing serious so looks like we’ll have a full deck for the starting XV, with only Spencer being injury cover.

ENGvsRSA: Build-up

So guys!

The Final is decided.. anyone think this could go down to the wire? Or after today, do you expect England to be too much?


Boks aside from the pool game against NZ haven’t fired properly, but they are the boks and they have Faf, So quite nervous!

Commiserations to Wales too. They played a good tournament and wish I could’ve had my dream final. Was going Cardiff in that event!