Tom and Deany DTRR Flannagans Challenge Cup – Round 7 update

Here it is, hot off the press!


1 George 2.17
2 Firepies 2.50
3 Exlock 2.50
3 Grump 2.50
5 B2P 2.67
5 Global Fan 2.67
5 Anonymouse 2.67
8 JD Kiwi 2.83
8 Mani 2.83
8 Tomski 2.83
8 Ruck 2.83
8 Dalton Lad 2.83
8 Hugh 2.83
8 Bart 2.83
15 Novo 3.00
15 Bris 3.00
15 Monty 3.00
15 Travel Exec 3.00
19 Slamma 3.17
19 Fredster 3.17
19 6mph 3.17
22 D Hanley 3.33
22 Adrian 3.33
22 GEPC 3.33
22 Mr Wu 3.33
26 Bigger Picture 3.42
27 Tanker 3.67
27 Coshie 3.67
27 CMJS 3.67
30 Gladders 4.17


St George of Bath putting away the Kiwi challengers.  Getting very close in the table, not unlike the Premiership.

Following on from questions last week, the biggest differentiators have been Wuss and Saints (Sarries aside).  I feel duty bound to point out to a certain prop that Bath are now in the top half of the table!


Battle of the Little Bighorn

Time to avenge old grievances and deal with the pale faces who prepare their accounts with forked tongues.

Even Colonel Gustard has fled and his wolfpack is in disarray, flagrantly denying the six fingered warriors justice for sins committed under his command.

There will be no hatchet buried tomorrow. The big white chief Fiddles His Books must pay.

Happy Christmas!

Personally I won’t be sad to leave 2019 behind despite Eddie nearly bringing home the World Cup! But life goes on, whilst we have said goodbye to some very good people in 2019 the DTRR community has been blessed with fresh life, welcoming new children and grandchildren into our World.

Wishing all the Fugee’s their families and loved ones the very best for the festive season.

See you on the other side

Cheers/Stin ygeiá sas! 🍺🥃🥂

Round 6 D & T table

JDK and Firepies ahead in the “polls” tonight, but remember this is not the EXIT poll!  Coming up quickly, or not so quickly, is everyone’s favourite Propster alongside George of Bath and Chief Novo (PLEASE COME BACK).  Getting pretty tight behind now….

Here you are pop-pickers!

1 JD Kiwi 2.33
1 Firepies 2.33
3 B2P 2.50
3 George 2.50
3 Novo 2.50
6 Global Fan 2.67
6 Exlock 2.67
6 Mani 2.67
6 Tomski 2.67
6 Ruck 2.67
11 Dalton Lad 2.83
11 Slamma 2.83
11 D Hanley 2.83
11 Tanker 2.83
11 Bris 2.83
11 Monty 2.83
11 Hugh 2.83
11 Grump 2.83
11 Adrian 2.83
20 GEPC 3.00
20 Anonymouse 3.00
20 Bart 3.00
23 Bigger Picture 3.08
24 Mr Wu 3.17
25 Travel Exec 3.50
25 Fredster 3.50
27 6mph 3.67
28 Gladders 3.83
29 Coshie 4.00
30 CMJS 4.17

Sur Eddie of Engerland to lead the charge for France 2023?

Seems all is not certain that Sur Eddie will lead England’s charge for the 2023 RWC in France.  Apparently negotiations for a contract extension beyond 2021 are stalling, with Sur Eddie not yet willing to commit according to the RFU’s CEO.  Good job one of his “supposed” primary tasks was to find a successor…

Anyway, good luck in your negotiations, Sur Eddie!  Reckon the RFU should go nuts out and offer him a million quid a year, immediately!  On the other hand, Stuart Hooper (the cream of the available English managerial talent) is most likely available for 75 grand and a car parking space…

Credit: The Guardian


Back to the Prem

So we are back to the prem for the Christmas period. No internationals, every match counts, no excuses!

Games of the weekend:

Wasps vs Quins. Do Wasps already need a win to stop them scrapping with Tigers ate the bottom. Are Quinns much better off?

Sarries vs Bris; This is a mouth watering offering. Will Bris step up & prove their pedegree. I expect Sarries to go full bore for this and the following Chiefs game. Get 8+ points and I think they are as good as safe.

Hope Chiefs don’t have a hang-over & let Tigers off the hook. Call me paranoid!