Six Nations Superbru and the return of Super Rugby!

Ok everyone, time for me to pull finger and sort out Superbru for the world’s greatest annual rugby tournament, that has produced six RWC runners up. Once again there are three competitions.

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With this one you need to pick the result and margin.

This is the daily fantasy. You just need to pick five players for each day’s play. Simple!

This is the full fantasy game. Pick a squad of 23 and a starting 15.

Six Nations Team Announcement


Hogg, capt (Exeter Chiefs); Maitland (Saracens), Jones (Glasgow Warriors), Johnson (Glasgow Warriors), Kinghorn (Edinburgh); Hastings (Glasgow Warriors), Price (Glasgow Warriors); Sutherland (Edinburgh), Brown (Glasgow Warriors), Z Fagerson (Glasgow Warriors); Cummings (Glasgow Warriors), J Gray (Glasgow Warriors); J Ritchie (Edinburgh), Watson (Edinburgh), Haining (Edinburgh).


Replacements: McInally (Edinburgh), Dell (London Irish), Berghan (Edinburgh), Toolis (Edinburgh), Du Preez (Worcester Warriors), G Horne (Glasgow Warriors), Hutchinson (Northampton Saints), Harris (Gloucester)

All Blacks – decline and fall or the dawn of a new golden era?

Interesting and in depth look at the failings of the ABs in the last RWC cycle culninating in Hansen being comprehensively out-thought by Jones in the Semi, the prospects for them moving forwards under a Head Coach not widely wanted by the public, and the wider state of the game in NZ and the elite player pathways.

Very interesting read, particularly as it is set out dispassionately rather than looking to promote a certain agenda.

Be interesting to hear the views of our SH contingent.

I have kept quiet on this….but now it’s just bollocks

Evening all,

i have been following the Saracens drama from a distance with some disgust but kept my own counsel on the subject, however despite Sarries already accepting automatic relegation it now seems the PRL in their infinite wisdom have chosen to hit Sarries with a further 70 points deduction for the season.

quite frankly I can only see this as a bit vindictive and in some cases (wasps, tigers) a face saving for some of the clubs who must fear having less points at the end of the season than the team that’s relegated.

i don’t want to reopen the debate on salary cap and did they cheat? Being honest the contrarian in me means I will disagree with most of you on that and even worse find myself agreeing with Coshie and a barf fan (FTC), but this is a new low, the PRL appear to be petty and their actions bring the sport further into disrepute than the alleged indiscretions of Nigel Wray and Sarries.

“The Premiership and European champions received confirmation two weeks ago that they would be relegated at the end of this season and the after-shocks from their salary cap breaches continue to reverberate. Premiership Rugby released a statement on Tuesday confirming the additional sanction against Saracens, which would leave them on -77 points — after they were hit by a 35-point penalty back in November.”

“This action by PRL followed a unanimous vote among their member clubs to make immediate, mid-season amendments to the salary cap regulations. The changes ensure that any club suspected of a breach will face a mid-season audit — and failure to comply will result in the deduction of 70 points, as in this case.”

“By taking these emergency steps to tighten their regulations, PRL are ensuring that Saracens will go down after finishing bottom of the table — as they now cannot mathematically overhaul any of the rivals above them. It was revealed that the organisation have been in dialogue with the RFU, although the governing body have not taken any action themselves. It is a move designed to tidy up loose ends, but there is also a sense of making-it-up-as-they-go-along farce about the measures.”

Unanimous vote? Suggests even Sarries voted for this….i fucking doubt that and changing rules mid season – what sort of clown outfit does that. Yes that’s right the sort of clowns that run English rugby.

it seems to me that

– PRL have been derelict in their administration of the league in that no one detected any overspend on salary cap despite it being done in the last 3 seasons

– this is despite previous similar issues being dealt with for three undisclosed clubs (allegedly Sarries, tigers and Barf)…. so issue known but no further checks put in place – perhaps a few lessons learned?

– further sanctions were then threatened and Sarries chose relegation…. the fact there was a potential breach this season which couldn’t be easily avoided due to contract law should have meant a further 35 points deducted next feels like sarries we’re recovering the -35 too quickly and so relegation had to be assured to satisfy certain clubs and to ensure the safety of other clubs.

– the option of handing back titles, cups etc and opening the books (to your competitors?) for a forensic examination wasn’t appealing to sarries so they chose relegation….. but the ultimatum wasn’t enforceable within existing rules, Sarries should have just said fuck it and take it to court whilst ensuring premiership survival this season

– now PRL change the rules to suit…….amateur hour.

After the late start to the premiership due to the RWC, the shambolic scheduling for the ERC and all the noise so far about Sarries this now means there is no point Sarries focussing on anything except the ERC and it’s now just a fight to see who Exeter will face at the end of the season. This is showing rugby Union to be exactly what it is…. an amateur game that has a few teams pretending to be professional.

i will now be cheering for Sarries every game they play (especially as they already beat Gloucester)


Tom and Deany DTRR Flannagans Challenge Cup – Round 9

Here it is pop pickers!  Round 9!

Firepies and JDK out there on 2.0.  Novo and Exlock of the Chiefs in close contention alongside George of Bath and Ruck of Sarries with yet Global of the Zud’s alongside…

1 Firepies 2.00
2 JD Kiwi 2.00
3 Novo 2.17
3 Exlock 2.33
3 George 2.33
3 Global Fan 2.33
3 Ruck 2.33
8 Grump 2.50
8 B2P 2.50
8 Tomski 2.50
8 Dalton Lad 2.50
8 Hugh 2.50
8 Slamma 2.50
8 D Hanley 2.50
8 Bris 2.50
16 Bart 2.67
16 Mani 2.67
16 Monty 2.67
16 Bigger Picture 2.67
16 Adrian 2.67
16 GEPC 2.67
16 Tanker 2.67
23 Anonymouse 2.83
24 Mr Wu 3.00
25 Travel Exec 3.17
25 Fredster 3.17
27 6mph 3.33
28 Coshie 3.67
28 Gladders 3.67
30 CMJS 3.83

Gallagher Premiership

Saturday 25th

Bath v Leicester Tigers

Bristol Bears v Gloucester

Exeter Chiefs v Sale Sharks

Round 9

Saints v London Irish

7.45 ko 24th Jan @ Franklin’s Gardens

Referee: Tom Foley

Saints: Tuala, Sleightholme, Hutchinson, Francis, Naiyaravoro, Grayson, Reinach, B Franks, Haywood, O Franks  Coles  Ratuniyarawa, Wood, Harrison (c) Eadie

Subs: Fish, Waller, Painter, Bean, Tonks, Taylor, Symons, Collins

Irish: Stokes, Naholo, Rona, Hepetema, Hassell-Collins, Myler, Meehan, Elrington, Porecki, Kepu, Van der Merwe (c) Coleman, Rogerson, Cowan, Tuisue

Subs: Atkins, Dell, Hoskins, Mafi, Donnell, Phipps, Stephenson  William’s

Seems BT have belatedly realised that the powerhouses of both the oval and round ball game lies firmly in the East Midlands as both the Saints and the Cobblers are being screened tonight, both grounds less than a mile apart. For the wendyballers the Wobblers take on Derby in the 4th round of the FA Cup. Both Jimmy’s End and Sixfields areas to avoid later. A win for Saints will see them go top of the Prem and with Exeter hosting some hungry Sharks on Sat and Glaws away to Bristol Bears the NWO might not be such a pipe dream after all..

It just gets better, NOT! MP’s demand PRL enquiry….

So now the corrupters of the corrupt want their chance in front of the tv cameras to ask questions of PRL.  The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee (did anyone know such a committee existed) want to summon PRL officials to a hearing when they reconvene in the spring. Damian Collins MP, who is seeking re-election as chairman of the DCMS Select Committee next week, told Sportsmail: ‘It’s a real mess and is something I’m sure the committee will want to look at.’

Congratulations all!  Well done in dragging the sport in England down to this level.

On the plus side, calling someone a rugby fan may overtake the “banker” jibes in the eyes of good old Joe Public and the moaning Minnies!