Player revolt?

Reports by Neil Fissler of The Rugby Paper that Bath Rugby are the first team to ‘revolt’ over the proposed 25% cut in wages. Having written a letter to Tarquin and Craig asking for their reconsideration.

Following the breaking of this story Charlie Ewels, club captain has written a letter in response denying the claims. You can read his response for yourself here if you wish to.

Fissler still claims he has proof  with several video messages from players as well as a copy of the letter sent to Bruce Craig.

So fake news or not? Let DTRR decide.

Saturday Matchday Thread

Ok boys here it is, the day is on us. Can the dastardly Kiwis gain revenge for the semi final rout in Japan or will Eddie’s boys reinforce their superiority? Some selection shockers – Back on the bench? Who is Johnston? Neither of the Simmonds brothers in the 23? Bizarre. Still, in Eddie we trust.

Weirdly the clash is relegated to Sky Mix channel 145 at 15:00. Hey ho, main channels’ loss.

Looks a close one however you cut it but ever the optimist I’m going for England by 3.



England: Jason Robinson; James Simpson-Daniel, Will Greenwood, Mike Tindall, Ben Cohen; Jonny Wilkinson, Matt Dawson; Lawrence Dallaglio, Richard Hill, Lewis Moody, Danny Grewcock, Martin Johnson (captain), Phil Vickery, Steve Thompson, Trevor Woodman.
Replacements: Regan, Leonard, Kay, Back, Healey, Johnston, Stimpson.

New Zealand: Ben Blair; Doug Howlett, Tana Umaga, Keith Lowen, Jonah Lomu; Carlos Spencer, Steve Devine; Sam Broomhall, Marty Holah, Taine Randell (captain), Keith Robinson , Ali Williams, Kees Meeuws, Andrew Hore, Joe McDonnell.
Replacements: Mealamu, Hayman, Mika, So’oialo, Lee, Mehrtens, M. Robinson.

Referee: Jonathan Kaplan (South Africa)


Musical Contagion

Given the lack of rugby news to discuss and the excessive amount of time available to discuss it (apart of course from those top blokes on the frontline), I thought that i would propose a musical distraction.

The rules are simple.

I’ll kick of by posting a link to a great piece of music.

Anyone can then respond to this and any subsequent links, with one of their own.

The subsequent songs or pieces must be by a different artist, but connected to the one that they are in response to, either by a ‘significant’ word in the title of each piece, a phrase in the lyrics, or through an individual band member that played on both pieces.

Explain the connection and the relevance.

The winner, whenever we close the thread, is the song that gets the highest total of upvotes with an additional point for each direct response and a bonus point if you can explain a rugby reference in the lyrics or the song title.

Im going to kick off with Marquee Moon by Television and I’ll post the link as soon as the thread is up.

301st thread

Anyone want to chat rugby?

Grumps lunch break premiership XV (so far😬)

Genge, Morais, Stuart

Hill, du Preez

Willis, Mercer, Earl

Robson, Simmonds, Zammit, Hill, Fekitoa, Thorley, Piutau

What’s yours and why?

Bonus content!

With no rugby on we are down to opinion pieces. Here’s Guscott moaning about why we don’t have “flying 10s” anymore

Proof that I can be neutral here is some high praise for Sale Sharks…

Dark times for Wasps if they let Gopperth go…

Ex-Bath flanker Sisi gives an update on life in Italy…

Joe Marchant on life in Super Rugby

Two for our Irish contingent…

Rory Best interview…

Dark times ….its time for humour even dark humour


you all probably know that the less shy among us meet and drink and stuff and so we have a WhatsApp group and share humour. Fear not, I am not asking you to step out and share numbers etc – however the banter we are all sharing at this difficult time is well worth sharing, laughter is the best medicine etc.

So can you please start posting all of those memes and funnies below to give us a laugh….. PLEASE NO DISCUSSING HOW GREAT YOUR TEAM IS …..WE KNOW!!!

Try and stay on point here ……FUNNIES ONLY

Propster ……Chief Morale officer the DTRR

Its NOT the end of the world but lets see your favourite game pre 2003

Right then roll up roll up ……. there is no live sport and we are all self isolated or getting ready for it AND now we have the longest pre season ever………. so lets be seeing some of your favourite games of OLD….. rule NOTHING AFTER THE 2003 RWC final

So –

identify a game,

find it on youtube (or elsewhere)

and post it.

Comments for that game only below each game.

One string of comments ONLY for each change – its hard enough to follow these threads at the best of times (and its the worst of times)

Should you wish to have a few beers and enjoy the rugby – GO FOR IT! we wont judge you 🙂 

Players to face 25% pay cut

Article from RugbyPass.

Internal chaos in the Premiership as numerous clubs ask players to take drastic pay cuts

Internal chaos in the Premiership as numerous clubs ask players to take drastic pay cuts

Internal chaos has descended on the Gallagher Premiership as numerous clubs asked players to consider drastic pay cuts to enable them to survive the COVID-19 suspension.

On Monday Premiership Rugby Ltd took the decision to suspend the competition for five weeks, although it is looking increasingly likely that the season will be scrapped completely.

In clubs across England, management teams broke the news to players of the need for pay cuts. With a hugely decreased attendance revenue, already cash strapped sides could sink further into the red and now many have taken the unprecedented step of turning to the players to tighten their belts.

The massive drop in revenue could even present an existential threat to some of the English top flight’s most prestigious clubs.

At least seven clubs have asked players to take pay cuts ranging from 25 per cent, 50 per cent; and in one instance, RugbyPass understands, right up to a full pay suspension.

The Rugby Player Association (RPA) are advising players to hold fire before agreeing to any cuts. A player’s board meeting was held today between the representatives of Premier Rugby Ltd and the RPA, in which details of a 25 per cent cut were tabled to the players’ body.

A spokesperson for the RPA told RugbyPass: “We understand that this is an incredibly fast-paced and unprecedented situation that is effecting every strata of society.

“Firstly, as an organisation we have to understand how a 25 per cent cut was arrived at and what the implications of those cuts have on lower-paid players within the league.

“Against that, we understand that for some clubs, the significant disruption of revenue could possibly see sides go to the wall and that players might not have a place of work next season as a result, a situation nobody clearly wants.

“We obviously want a situation where we have 13 clubs who can thrive.”

The matter of the Gallagher Premiership’s CVC windfall and where those monies have gone was also discussed at the meeting in the context of pay cuts being asked of the players. Just over a year ago the clubs received a £13 million windfall each following the sale of a 27 per cent stake to private equity firm CVC.

Other than Exeter Chiefs, it is estimated that Premiership clubs each season run at a collective loss of over £40million, which works out at an average of approximately £3million per club.

Around the globe, the economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on rugby union are starting to take hold.

In the Top 14 players have all been on half-unemployment but will seemingly get the opportunity make back the differences with future earnings.

The players association in New Zealand says it hasn’t ruled out pay cuts for players in their jurisdiction due to the shutdown of Super Rugby.

New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association boss Rob Nichol told Stuff this week that: “We know there is going to be a commercial impact, we know we will have to sit around the table and work with the other stakeholders and be a part of the solution.”

Rugby in Chile

I am now back in Chile (mainland) after a brief side trip to Easter Island(Great place). All land borders are closed and my visa 30 days away from expiring. I have decided to try and extend it so am staying an hour’s drive west of Santiago while I wait for the process to run it’s course.


We all know about rugby in Argentina but what about Chile?


The Chilean Rugby Federation was founded on 4 May 1953 and governs the sport in Chile. Their statutes and regulations were officialised at 16 December 1963. It is affiliated to the Olympic Committee of Chile, the Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby, FIRA and World Rugby and, like all good things in life, was introduced by the Brits in the late 19thC  and was played by mine workers in the north of Chile (Iquique).It was developed by the British schools. There are many similar comparisons to Argentina in the spread of the game.


The national team are known as Los Condores – the Condors.


In the 50s the Irish (1952) and French (1954) visited



Flight 571

Some of the older refugees may well remember the story of Flight 571:

The tragic crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, and the resulting books and films, Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors and Alive brought Uruguayan and Chilean rugby into the global limelight. The Uruguayans were on tour, and had played several games in Argentina, and were due to play some return matches in Chile.

Alive tells the story of a Uruguayan Rugby team (who were alumni of Stella Maris College (Montevideo)) and their friends and family who were involved in the airplane crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 which crashed into the Andes mountains on October 13, 1972. It was published two years after survivors of the crash were rescued.


Rugby today:


From what I can work out the main areas (population wise) are Santiago and Valparaiso (the two most populous regions in Chile approx. 10m peoples) but it is played throughout the country. Bear in mind that the province of Aysen (south and part of the magnificent Carretera Austral)which is the largest with 108,000 km2 has a population of just 100,000.


There are currently 23 clubs and a playing pool of just 19,000 ish (compare with Argentina 420 and approx. 102,000 registered players).


Chile has yet to make it to a RWC but Chileans are happy to be  ranked 3rd in South America


And that’s all I‘ve got for now.


Adios amigos

Covid-19 DTRR policy update

In these troubled times and as every company, agency and organisation has issued a Coronavirus update I thought we should follow suit.

If you are suffering from any of the following You should self isolate immediately.

– High temperature at any mention of Eddie Jones

– A coughing fit when your favourite player isn’t selected for the national team

– Hot flush when you see the letters A, W & J in print

Remember that Covid-19 is not considered deadly unless you are elderly or have underlying health issues. Remember to be especially kind to Roger, Dalts and Witts.

Covid-19 cannot be contracted via a light jiggling of the genitalia but may be transmitted by a punch in the face or a phlegm spattered rant.

Be careful, be safe & #BeKind