Sale have been given a five point deduction

Sale have been given a five point deduction, suspended for two seasons, for the signing of Rohan Janse van Rensburg, who had already agreed a contract with Gloucester.

Van Rensburg was charged with conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game contrary to RFU Rule 5.12 for signing playing contracts with two Premiership clubs – Gloucester Rugby and Sale Sharks.

Sale Sharks were charged with breaches of RFU Regulation 7.5 (approaches to players) and Ginvert was charged with breaching RFU Regulation 8.5.2 (Registered agents must at all times observe the highest standards of fair dealing).

The club, van Rensburg and Ginvert accepted the charges and the following sanctions were given by the independent disciplinary panel:

  • Rohan Janse van Rensburg was given a two week suspension, the dates of which will be confirmed when more details of the playing calendar are available, and a fine of £32,500, of which £25,000 shall be paid on by the RFU to Gloucester to reflect an advance of monies paid by Gloucester to Mr Van Rensburg which has not been repaid.
  • Sale Sharks were given a points deduction of 5 points suspended for two forthcoming seasons on terms that Sale does not act in breach of RFU Regulation 7 during that time and a fine of £20,000. The panel did not order compensation to be paid to Gloucester.
  • Matthew Ginvert received a reprimand, a fine of £3,750 and was directed to undertake the agent’s education programme.

SA Part 2: Set Piece attack

Hey Guys,

Second piece here on the South African series. Attack off set-piece.

A lot of this was taken from Wales’ performance, who out of all the teams for me, had the best measure of them in attacking the weaknesses that this defence presents.

NZ may have won, but when the defence was fired up and at full intensity, Wales still exploited it. Damn effective A indeed.

Next one will be phase play, and i have some ideas liable to get me laughed at, but gotta put them out there! Aside from Bartman, do we have anyone who is a whizz with the laws down to minutae detail?

Cheers guys,



SA Part 1: For you Bartman!

Hey boys,

Hope you guys are keeping alright and are safe as can be hoped!

I said i was working on something on the South African D and this is the first piece. Was rightly blasted by Callum for not submitting it here sooner, but happy to provide. Next piece will be about how to actually beat it, but this one is simply to get the terms and understanding so the next piece does make sense.

Hope you boys enjoy it!