Gladders on a bike…

Greetings fellow refugees.

If I may, I would like to make a brief announcement to you all.

I have decided to hop on a bike and cycle the length of the Andes. Some of you are already aware of my intentions but I would like to share  this with you all.There are several good reasons as to why but one of them is to try and raise some money for Deany’s favourite charity and possibly others too.

Many of you on here have been extremely generous in the past and I wouldn’t specifically want to ask you to put your hands into those pockets again (although it would be most welcome) but if you could spread the message to your friends,families, colleagues and rugby mates etc,etc, I would be most grateful.

I fly out to Argentina on the 14th October, and have no set return date as yet. Any of you who have met me or not would be most welcome to join me for a leg or section at anytime, or even just remind me  of my insanity or stupid decision making!

I am in the process of setting up a website to explain more and will forward the link in due course.

Many thanks