Wibble Rugby: The Champions Series | England 03

Hi Boys,

Finally got this done, its two months work, and is unbelievably satisfying with it finally being finished. But god i’m glad its done;

It is incredibly long, and as such the sections are timestamped in the description, but any advice you can give, feedback, all that jazz would really really be greatly appreciated.

Hope you’re all doing good and enjoying Rugby being back!

P.S: How do i get involved in the DTRR cup? Is it too late?




Is this the Future

Premiership clubs asked to close academies and switch to six regional talent hubs

Plan drawn up by Edward Griffiths envisages players graduating to Championship and, after at least a year, qualifying for Premiership draft

Spotted in the Teletub paper. Note the Prem Vlubs stop paying for the Accadamies and the Championship Clubs fund the hubs to get 1 years access to the trainees. The hubs based on 2 Prem clubs & a Uni. How would ghat work for the Pirates or the far North?

Also splis the Championship into 2 regions. I like that idea

ENGvsRSA: The Premiere

Hello Gentlemen,


I’m premiering this at 1700 BST this afternoon, just in time for copious amounts of beer.




Would be a privilege to have you on there, with the chat function so discussions/mini chat room can be had, and you can relive my pain and quite possibly yours too!


Hope you guys are keeping safe,


cheers all,



Top international coach for Glos and World Rugby calendar vote

The man who started the Leinster golden era and took a team from nowhere to the RWC final has been linked to Glos. Are we overjoyed?….


Meanwhile on 30 June there will be votes on the new global calendar and an international window this year from October. T14 understandably don’t want to play through the summer, but want a Spring world club cup every four years.

For me rugby is a winter sport, especially in a hot place like southern France or South Africa. The key for me is having test windows without club matches in the middle.


It’s War

Thought it was time to separate this out from the Burgess thread because it now looks like all out war between the clubs and the players.

Whilst understanding the need for the game to cut its cloth, this does look like pretty despicable opportunism by the clubs in holding a gun to players’ heads, especially those not out of contract.

Difficult to see this ending prettily. Depending on your generation I’d guess either a Boomer outcome or a Snowflake outcome – and as I’ve predicted for a while an early end to the season.




Premiership Rugby Returns

“The clubs will need to satisfy a number of requirements to start stage one as we continue the huge amount of work being undertaken to enable a safe return to training,” said professional game board chairman Chris Booy.


Premiership clubs also agree to Lord Myners review


Wibble Rugby: The latest Video/Feedback/Advice

Hello Gentlemen,


I wanted to ask you guys all a favour as it were.


I’ve recently started up with the Wibble Videos again, and this one, is the format i want to start doing going forward. The Jingle, the titles, Blackadder references, a little humour but not much. All in all an effort to move away from Squidge as whilst he’s great, i want it to be my work rather than an imitation.

However, i’m still very much looking for feedback and stuff that can make it better. If you boys do have time, it’d mean a lot to get your thoughts. Its long, and goes into a lot of detail, but this is the kind of thing i want to be doing now (As i’m starting Performance Analysis MSc in Hartpury this September). So will need to do something else other than my IT Job!

Any comments, shares, feedback you can provide, it’d mean an awful lot.