SA Part 2: Set Piece attack

Hey Guys,

Second piece here on the South African series. Attack off set-piece.

A lot of this was taken from Wales’ performance, who out of all the teams for me, had the best measure of them in attacking the weaknesses that this defence presents.

NZ may have won, but when the defence was fired up and at full intensity, Wales still exploited it. Damn effective A indeed.

Next one will be phase play, and i have some ideas liable to get me laughed at, but gotta put them out there! Aside from Bartman, do we have anyone who is a whizz with the laws down to minutae detail?

Cheers guys,



SA Part 1: For you Bartman!

Hey boys,

Hope you guys are keeping alright and are safe as can be hoped!

I said i was working on something on the South African D and this is the first piece. Was rightly blasted by Callum for not submitting it here sooner, but happy to provide. Next piece will be about how to actually beat it, but this one is simply to get the terms and understanding so the next piece does make sense.

Hope you boys enjoy it!



The Mighty Springboks WC Squad

Good day all,

Hope this segment finds everyone happy, healthy and excited for the RWC’19 coming soon.

I don’t see anywhere on the boards the Squad announcement for the Green and Gold so I thought I can drop a mention in.

Just a mention that this squad will leave RSA for Japan in this week. Apparently Rassie wants to acclimatize to the Japanese heat and weather. A bit extreme, but I don’t know the weather situation.

Has anybody been to Japan or is going to the RWC? Hows the climate?


Lions 2021

The current MrsWu and I are planning to follow Gatland’s 3rd Lions, hopefully for the whole thing, certainly all the tests. So.

1. Anyone else planning on going?

2. Anyone with any experience/tips on following Lions tours? Or SA generally? *cough*Bart*cough*

3. Any views on this,N0CK,56N0VU,2PCLD,1  which is Micky Burton’s mob as official tour organisers offering guaranteed tour places for a fully redundable £250 deposit?

4. Who will be AWJ’s vice captain?,N0CK,56N0VU,2PCLD,1