Covid-19 DTRR policy update

In these troubled times and as every company, agency and organisation has issued a Coronavirus update I thought we should follow suit.

If you are suffering from any of the following You should self isolate immediately.

– High temperature at any mention of Eddie Jones

– A coughing fit when your favourite player isn’t selected for the national team

– Hot flush when you see the letters A, W & J in print

Remember that Covid-19 is not considered deadly unless you are elderly or have underlying health issues. Remember to be especially kind to Roger, Dalts and Witts.

Covid-19 cannot be contracted via a light jiggling of the genitalia but may be transmitted by a punch in the face or a phlegm spattered rant.

Be careful, be safe & #BeKind


Author: Slamma47

Once a Wasp always a Wasp 🐝🐝