Dark times ….its time for humour even dark humour


you all probably know that the less shy among us meet and drink and stuff and so we have a WhatsApp group and share humour. Fear not, I am not asking you to step out and share numbers etc – however the banter we are all sharing at this difficult time is well worth sharing, laughter is the best medicine etc.

So can you please start posting all of those memes and funnies below to give us a laugh….. PLEASE NO DISCUSSING HOW GREAT YOUR TEAM IS …..WE KNOW!!!

Try and stay on point here ……FUNNIES ONLY

Propster ……Chief Morale officer the DTRR


Author: Born2Prop

Living legend of the front row. Interests include rugby, drinking beer, eating pies, squirrels 🐿 , the mighty Gloucester RFC Dislikes .... EtW, HWMNBN