Eddie’s Book and Other things

So Eddie has released a book and to boost sales he has made a few comments which have had the desired effect.

Like the chicks in a nest he has chucked out a few small morsels and the press have been trampling over each other to swallow them down.

I know this is most likely driven by his publishers to maximise sales, but the timing doesn’t sit right with me. The events are too recent and whilst still in the job I think anything related to actually being in the England job should be an addendum until such time he is no longer under the employ of the RFU.

He has been quite canny in that nothing he has said has been particularly controversial, but the timing is wrong.

So what has he said?

With the benefit of hindsight he would have done things differently for the RWC Final.

Well they lost, so I do not see why there is such a hullabaloo about this, it would be disingenuous to anyone who watched the game to suggest otherwise.

However, again, the timing is wrong and is for book sales and I do not agree with that.

He wishes he would have embraced the diversity in the squad earlier, making note of the more subtle differences outside of race and religion.

I have no issue with this at all, if anything I think it shows a mature insight into the vagaries of coaching England that previous coaches haven’t considered.

I certainly look at how united this RWC squad were and think he got something right there.

He was asked about potential impacts of the Sarries sanctions on the England team. He upset some Sarries fans with his response, but again here I think he was just expressing genuine concerns and more stating that him and his team would need to be mindful of them.

He has also been asked about Scotland and if you ignore the clickbait headline he actually makes some astute, reasonable and sensible observations.

A reference to Japan is not a slur after this RWC and certainly not from on of their biggest advocates.

In other news, Tipuric is strongly linked to Bristol for a whopping 500k a year contract.

Big numbers like this will now always come with raised eyebrows, but if you look at that Bristol squad there are a significant number of players who would be on relatively lower salaries.

It would be interesting if Lam thinks one big signing over a few medium signings is the best way for them, but he is a smart cookie, so if it happens you’d have to think it was a fit for his plan.

Some rumours flying about that some of the current Sarries squad are leaving, whether as part of the fall out from salary-gate or not, every move they make will be scrutinised to the nth degree.

Names I’ve heard are Rhodes, Wiggles and Lewington.

The only real surprise there for me would be Rhodes, but maybe they are happy with their back row stocks and academy products in that area.