England isn’t just for Englanders, inclusivity isn’t just for snowflakes

The England 23 named for the fixture against Ireland is a multi ethnic squad which I believe is a metaphor for the inclusivity we so encourage here at DTRR.com 😀

Eddie Jones adopts the philosophy of “if you’re good enough, your English enough” we have a similar philosophy. If you can write a few semi legible sentences about rugby (or pies) you’re in. If you can’t you can always be a mod…

Underhill (born in the USA), Billy V (Australia), Manu (Samoa), Coka (Fiji), Mako (NZ), Heinz (NZ), Trigger (planet Ork). Ireland has a couple of Saffers & a Kiwi in their squad and are coached by a Kiwi and an Englishmen for good measure.

Wales – who incidentally last week fielded a XV with 5 players born in England (almost half as many as England’s!) and another in NZ – have taken the week off so we can all have a break and stop banging on about them and their Kiwi & English coaches.

So for this weekend I propose we unite around a few universal truths. The Kiwis are cheats, French refs are shite and AWJ is a Wa…. no can’t bring myself to write that.

COYE (come on you everyone).




Author: Slamma47

Once a Wasp always a Wasp 🐝🐝