England’s new coaching set up

It’s being reported that Matt Proudfoot is being lined up to replace Neil Hatley in the England set up. With Clevershelf returned to Australia and Borthwick due to be unveiled as Tigers new head coach in the not too distant future who should Eddie be looking to add to his coaching roster?

It’s likely that Mitchell will take a wider role but when Borthwick leaves there will still be at least one and probably two senior coaching roles vacant.

My own view is that freshening up the coaching team for the next RWC cycle is no bad thing, I believe that Lancaster’s loyalty to his support team was a big factor in his ultimate downfall. I am however uncomfortable if we are coached entirely by an Aussie, a Kiwi and a Saffer! Ali Hepher, Sam Vesty have been tipped. I’d like to see the likes of Dave Walder and Joe Worsley in the mix too & not just because they are ex Wasps.


Author: Slamma47

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