Google: “DTRR is a Shitty Little Site” :(

Just an update on the adverts situation. I applied to put Google Adsense ads on the site. We got rejected from the programme, on the basis that our quality of content isn’t good enough/it’s not original content. 🙁

So, back to donations.

Some better news. I’ve been playing a bit with cost optimization and managed to tune down the hosting to better match the volumes of site traffic. So long as site traffic doesn’t increase (and it’s of course possible it will during the RWC), we’re current tracking for about £1215 yearly cost instead of £1.5k.

So I’ve adjusted the donation target to match. If we end up with a much heavier load during the RWC then i’ll have to adjust it back up of course, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



Author: CM JS

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