Healy must have read my post!

I posted recently at how underwhelmed I have been by the standard of rugby on display this year.

Austin has just written an article saying the same thing, he has some interesting (being kind) ideas about how to improve it, some are actually quite good, some are just not possible and others are fanciful.

I would love to see a time limit on scrums (I’d also scrap scrum penalties) and the 5 second rule to play the ball applied.

Overall I would like to see teams attempt to play more rugby, for me ring fencing is the solution here. I know many don’t agree, that’s fine, I just think the pressure not to lose is the biggest driver behind the negative tactics.

Here is Austin’s article:

After watching Japan play this daring, innovative brand of rugby, I really hoped that the World Cup would have acted as a springboard into a glorious domestic season.

Yet instead of seeing the light, the majority of Premiership teams – with Northampton Saints an honourable exception – embraced the dark side of South Africa’s relentless desire to kick the leather off the ball. The conclusion seems to be that you are better off playing rugby without the ball.

But if every team is trying to play without the ball then no rugby is played at all. If I am the boss of CVC (shouldn’t be long) who pumped £200 million into the Premiership 12 months ago, I would want to see change.

One of the ways they can maximise their return on investment is through the quality of the spectacle. That is the only way you will get bums on seats and television viewers switching over from Coronation Street. Instead the rugby this season has been massively underwhelming.

Some of that is because the season has started later so we have had worse weather. There have also been fewer England internationals playing. But more importantly it comes down to the tempo and intent of teams.