Its NOT the end of the world but lets see your favourite game pre 2003

Right then roll up roll up ……. there is no live sport and we are all self isolated or getting ready for it AND now we have the longest pre season ever………. so lets be seeing some of your favourite games of OLD….. rule NOTHING AFTER THE 2003 RWC final

So –

identify a game,

find it on youtube (or elsewhere)

and post it.

Comments for that game only below each game.

One string of comments ONLY for each change – its hard enough to follow these threads at the best of times (and its the worst of times)

Should you wish to have a few beers and enjoy the rugby – GO FOR IT! we wont judge you 🙂 


Author: Born2Prop

Living legend of the front row. Interests include rugby, drinking beer, eating pies, squirrels 🐿 , the mighty Gloucester RFC Dislikes .... EtW, HWMNBN