It’s That Time of Year Again

Update: We are funded! Thank you all!

Hello one, hello all. I’m afraid it’s time to talk money. As you know, the site costs money to run, and those fees come exclusively out of my bank account!

So far we have spent, this on Disqus:

At the time I estimated £880 in GBP, it was actually £881.83

This is our recurring monthly hosting cost:

In total we’ve run up $560.99 USD in hosting costs, or, according to my bank statements, £429.07

So, to date, the site outlay has been £1310.90. I’m ignoring the domain name fees etc.

In keeping with transparency, these were the donations I received last year, for a total of £1165, or £1119.8 after Paypal took their fee. I covered the gap to take the sidebar to £1215, which was to take the site from late August 2019 to late August 2020.

So in short, the donations from last year have run out (and then some).

At the moment we’re at -£95.90 against the funded amount.

Site Costs for the next year will be 12 x 36 = $432 USD or £338.74 – it’s gotten a bit cheaper as I’ve been able to optimize the hosting package that we’re using.

Disqus costs for next year… well, a bit of a curious one. Technically our subscription ran out on the 17th September and we’re now on the free plan. I could ask for another approx £880. However, everything still seems to be working… for now, lets work on the basis that the free plan will continue to work. Start sending me panicked emails if it breaks, and i’ll start asking for more money to fund the yearly subscription.

Therefore, I am reopening donations to fund till October-ish next year, for the £338.74 + £95.90, for a total of £434.64. I’ll round it up to £435… the cheek of it!

Please see the donation link top right … since it’s approx £28 a month at the moment, there’s no great rush to hit the yearly goal instantly. But any help with paying the site costs much appreciated.




Author: CM JS

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