Johnny Foreigners and the RWC teams

Came across this article with an anaylsis by American Rugby News listing players born overseas but not playing for the country of their birth.

Some interesting points: both Tonga and Samoa are actually the worst culprits, with over half their teams being generously donated by the Kiwis – wasn’t expecting to read that! Afair chunk of these guys have also represented New Zealand at u20. Good job that doesn’t exclude them.

Scotland have 14 players born outside of Scotland, with a big helping hand from those kind fellas south of the border.

The Aussies have 12. If anyone can be accused of nicking from the PI’s….

Wales, with 8 in total, have had nearly a quarter of their squad kindly provided by England, suppose someone had to give these drop-outs a game, eh Witts?

England, not too bad with only 6, one of whom is Sam Underhill…

Interesting read.

Foreign-Born / Raised Players at RWC 2019