Mister Wu – exit, pursued by bloke with a parachute on his back.

Hi all,

To celebrate my retirement and the fact there is now much less of me to go splat in the event of an accident, on Good Friday (weather permitting) I will be exiting a plane at 12,000 feet higher than is the norm for passengers, whilst strapped to some bloke who I will only have met an hour or so earlier.

In doing this I hope to raise money for two excellent charities; Cancer Research, in memory of my parents, and the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation in memory of our own dear departed Martin Dean aka HampshireHogDean

If you feel moved to donate to either of these or would like to know more about their work and my motivations for choosing them please click here from where you can look at the individual pages.

All costs for the jump will be borne by me personally so every penny goes to the charities. I hope to be able to post pictures and video after the event by way of proof.

If you are able to support me – thank you. If not, just wish me well!

Thanks in anticipation.



Author: MisterWu

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