Musical Contagion

Given the lack of rugby news to discuss and the excessive amount of time available to discuss it (apart of course from those top blokes on the frontline), I thought that i would propose a musical distraction.

The rules are simple.

I’ll kick of by posting a link to a great piece of music.

Anyone can then respond to this and any subsequent links, with one of their own.

The subsequent songs or pieces must be by a different artist, but connected to the one that they are in response to, either by a ‘significant’ word in the title of each piece, a phrase in the lyrics, or through an individual band member that played on both pieces.

Explain the connection and the relevance.

The winner, whenever we close the thread, is the song that gets the highest total of upvotes with an additional point for each direct response and a bonus point if you can explain a rugby reference in the lyrics or the song title.

Im going to kick off with Marquee Moon by Television and I’ll post the link as soon as the thread is up.