New Thread – Best Number 12

As Grump seems to be AWOL and Mani is complaining (he sounds more like a back than a forward at the moment) time for a new thread. At one point we were discussing the best players at each position and we stopped at 11/14. I think that those threads lost steam as we have clearly covered all the important positions and now just have the girls to discuss.

I don’t think 12 is a position that has produced a load of talent Jean De Villiers would be my SA pick, probably Carling for England. Ma’a Nonu from NZ. Yannick Jauzion for France, D’arcy for Ireland (OK I’m stretching there) . Scott Gibbs = there’s a name I can get behind mainly since I don’t want to be in front of him. Because I’m feeling all inclusive today perhaps John Leslie from Scotland. (Only joking Jambo).

Any other thoughts on this any other rugby matter, pictures of pies or invitations to socially distanced drinks welcome.