Position 11 or 14 Wingers

To continue our round up of the teams I’m now going to have a go at the wingers. Put both of them together as some of them have played on both sides.

Some really obvious contenders. My selections in no particular order

Jonah Lomu – Probably the person that most transcended the sport a career cut horribly short and having a tragic end but at his best was almost literally unstoppable.

Dougie Howlett – Still I believe the top NZ try scorer with 49 tries in something like 64 matches an incredible strike rate.

Bryan Habana – I’m a saffer and just can’t leave him out but with 67 tries I think he justifies his inclusion.

David Campese – started really young and had a long career but hard to deny him – despite as every saffer I know utterly hating the git. Peter Hendriks rounding him for a try in the opening game of the 95 world cu is the memory I’ll go with.

Shane Williams – proving you don’t have to be big to be bloody good.

Pierre Saint-Andre – Maybe not as prolific as the others but some of the stuff he did was just incredible and he could certainly bring a crowd to it’s feet.

Rory Underwood – Still Englands leading try scorer.

I’ve restricted the list to those I have actually seen. May have been more in the past. I’m as yet to be convinced that the current crop are worthy of a place on that list although players like Johhny May and Cheslin Kolbe may get there.