Ready to Launch!

Alright Chaps. Muck Clearly tells me that, allegedly, the site is more or less fully functional. We are ready to launch. Of course, there are still tweaks, improvements, and until we’re properly using the site, we won’t know what things need changing or improving. But it’s in a fit state to start using.

Since yesterday, the submit post form has been swapped from the WPforms one for another with a bit more of a fully featured editor. It then made sense to get rid entirely of the WPforms plugin since it’s $200 a year and it’s primary purpose was to allow user submission of posts from the front end. But to do that, it was also needed to swap out login, register and donate forms. So instead, we now have a proper user membership plugin that allows account management as well as registration/login. The paypal donation plugin was swapped out. And as a bonus, a direct messaging facility was added.

In order to post topics you’ll need to register, login, and submit a post. Note, the site is configured on a sort of trust system – the very first post anyone makes needs approval. Once you’ve had your first approved article, you can author other new posts at will. This might be a minor inconvenience, but it will stop bots/undesirable individuals from being able to make posts, while allowing regular posters much freer access. Hopefully this kills spam problems.

So please, start posting. Let’s give this thing a go and see what falls off.

Oh, and straw poll:
Running the site with Ads (subsidizes the running cost, but, ads)
Running the site without Ads (100% reliant on donations, but, no ads)



Author: CM JS

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