Rugby Values

The RFU (an organisation that I don’t generally have much time for) has at least something correct in that it defines rugby values as:-






Somewhere along the line this forum has lost a bit of that. I tried to do a similar post earlier but that obviously didn’t work, so trying again. We have already lost posters because of toxicity over Brexit and I really don’t want to lose anymore. Several of our regular and respected posters have contacted me directly on this. The board does get a little more spiky over the international period. I understand the passion for your teams and am as much a passionate supporter of SA. However the support of your own team should not degenerate into personal insults of any nature. We all know or should know there’s a line and where it’s drawn. Calling all 9’s nasty, or all hookers nuts is fine calling someone racist or the c bomb not so much.

I really don’t want this to become a “safe space” I hate that term and I’m far too long in the tooth to want political correctness it is a rugby forum and banter is great.  What I want is a sort of virtual clubhouse were you had a good hard game against your opponents but could still share a pint afterwards.

I’ve been a member of this forum from pretty much day one in all its previous formats and have come to know a fair number of the posters personally and am proud to consider them my friends. I really don’t want us to lose that particular brand of camaraderie that can only really be found in rugby circles. Perhaps a personal story relating to certain people on this board will tell you why.

As some of the more long suffering of our posters know there was appoint when I was entirely absent from these boards. The reasons for this was due to a large amount of personal issues coinciding at precisely the wrong time in my life put me in a very depressed state. So much so that I actually attempted suicide. Fortunately or not depending on your perspective that obviously didn’t work. I did however spend a fair bit of time actually being homeless and living on the street. I’m now back into what I will call normal society and that is in no small part down to several; people on this forum (you know who you are and thanks again). Throughout the whole thing reading this forum added a little cheer to my life.

I now think I’m tough enough to roll with the punches. The internet is a wonderful and terrible thing. We sometimes forget that there is a real person sitting behind the keyboard at the other side. I may even have been guilty of this myself.

I want this to be the last word on this and for this once again to become the rugby format I know and love. Can we please get back to the rugby.