Sorry Welshies (World Rugby immediately amends law 3)…

“World Rugby has announced an immediate amendment to Law 3 to stipulate that a match cannot restart until a player leaving the field of play for a blood injury or Head Injury Assessment (HIA) has been temporarily replaced.

The amendment, approved by the international federation’s Executive Committee, codifies an area that was previously at the discretion of the referee. It has the dual intention of promoting player welfare best practice by enabling a player to be assessed and treated as soon as possible, while also ensuring that teams are not disadvantaged by playing with fewer players than permitted for a short period.”

World Rugby

Looks to me like a complete and utter Mea Cupla from World Rugby about Saturday’s match winning try (ie, “Oops, that shouldn’t have happened…”).

Winding up our Welsh posters aside, it’s a good job that this relatively rare situation was clarified in a warm up friendly, and not in a game of any real importance.

Good to see they can act fast, too, when things are obviously wrong… it took them, what? 3 days (including a Sunday)?


Author: CM JS

C'mon England!