The scrum story so far in Japan

An interesting graphic courtesy of the DT. NZ are the standard bearers having won all their scrums and the most successful against the head. In a reversal of tradition the Georgians (hello JET), Argentinians and French are in the bottom half and Fiji are right up near the top.

With the greasy ball making handling so challenging this is quite illuminating as the scrum becomes ever more important. That said humidity is set to drop in the coming weeks toward the business end of the tournament.

A couple of interesting pointers, the French are the most penalised team at the scrum (and near the worst overall) which will make it difficult for them to beat the better sides come the knock out stage. Also the Welsh scrum which has been a weakness may come under pressure on Wednesday. I recall the Fijians handing Rowntree’s England scrum their arses in 2015…


Author: Slamma47

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