Thursday Thread – all quiet on the western front

It would appear Sarries decision not to appeal has had the desired effect. It is very quiet in the world of rugby this week.

Muck Clearly has put out a few nonsense pieces as per and Charlie Morgan a decent piece on Slade’s mastery of the intercept, but apart from that we’ve just had the news that Dave Rennie has been hired by Rugby Australia and Jamie Joseph has extended his stay in Japan.

Pivac has released his first Wales squad, just how significant this is can be deabted. I personally think this would be the squad were he playing a big game at the weekend and not the Barbarians. My thinking being it is too good an opportunity to get the group together prior to the 6Ns not to be.

In other news McCall has reiterated his and Sarries’ support for their intl players. Doubt he felt it necessary, but he was asked the question.

I posted this on the other thread, but for anyone who hasn’t seen it we can always rely on Marler for some entertainment.