Tom and Deany DTRR Flannagans Challenge Cup – Any late contenders?

Forget about the RWC in the Land of the Rising Sun, the battle for the DTRR’s “Tom and Deany DTRR Flannagans Challenge Cup”, in memory of two great DTRR’rers very sadly taken away from us way too early.
Gentlemen, with this Challenge Cup we both honour and remember them. Mani already has the Flannagan’s Cup and a fine bottle of something or other will accompany the Cup to the winner!

The objective is simple: who can most accurately predict the Premiership 2019 table. Entries must be in before the Friday 18 October at 19.45 with commencement of the West Country battle of Bristol v Bath. After each round a table will be produced (by the “Really Unnaceptable Face of Capitalism”, me). Positions will be determined by the lowest variance between predictions (as submitted for final positions) and the actual Premiership table. The final table will be the end of Final Round (ie pre-play off positions when all teams have played each other twice only). In the event of a tie-break, the tied party that most accurately predicts the points scored by the play-off winner in their two play-off games, will be the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner and the Recipient of the Challenge Cup, if you haven’t joined in you have time. You can change your mind right up to kick-off on Friday 18 October, as long as I’ve received your update by then.

I urge you all, friends old and new (including you lurkers, you know who you are and we want to see you join in), to send me your predictions and do battle with the fools who think the Chiefs will romp home!

The final rule: “There can be only one final decision maker and it’s me!”

Tables so far received from: Sarries Fez, Monty, Grump, Slamma, Mani, Anonymouse, Gladders, Novo, Tanker, Adrian, George, GlobalFan, GEPC, Bart, Tomski, DaltonLad, D Hanley and me. If I’ve missed anyone then please post on this thread, I can blame the Disqus migration thingy for cocking up…

I will be posting updates after every round with everyone’s position.