Wibble Rugby Channel

Hey guys!

Long time! I can only heartily apologise for my absence on here. Been overseas for a few months and it’s been manic. Back now and will be diving into the chinwagging going forward with much anticipation!

In separate news. I’ve done something a lil silly and started a channel. I felt writing wasn’t getting what I wanted to get across quite the right way. And as such decided to bite the bullet and combine my love of Blackadder with the love of Rugby.


For anyone who is interested going in the kinda stuff I’m doing. This is the first vid. Though do please be gentle with me (unlike my first coach). First time ever doing video editing of any kind. 😆 If there is any advice or feedback you boys would give, more humour, a lil shorter or whether you’d want something to go up in particular. Feel free to let me know. Would do it in a heartbeat.

Good to be back boys, go well!